Falling In Love With These Tree Tattoos

November 07, 2019 3 min read

There is immense beauty found in nature. Sprawling landscapes of grassy hills and thick forests have been captured on canvas for centuries. Trees with roots planted deep, trunks that stand tall and leaves that change with the season are the most powerful giants among us. These plants provide food for people and animals, offer shade from the sun, release oxygen to breathe, and are homes to many. The wood from their bark builds our homes that raise our families. In literature, trees symbolize life, strength, resilience, and wisdom. Just one hike is all it takes to realize how these ideas were planted.


This is a compilation that includes a variety of popular designs perfect for your next tattoo. These tree designs make great use of your canvas, accentuating rib cages, arms, legs, or spine. They will extend through you or remain small and simple like a charm on your wrist.




"This oak tree and me, we're made of the same stuff." - Carl Sagan

Oak trees are known for their thick trunks, strong branches, and full foliage. It’s a tree everyone wants to climb.

Source: http://nenuno.co.uk/tattoos/55-tree-tattoo-designs/


This Oak is caught in the dead of winter with bare branches. Planted at the wrist reaching the up the forearm. The tree provides just like hands.

Source: http://nenuno.co.uk/tattoos/55-tree-tattoo-designs/


This Oak is planted firmly on the thigh. The leaves are looking a little thin, in the midst of summer fading into fall. The dotted circle can be left out or added to represent the sun. Cooler temperatures must be approaching.

Source: http://nenuno.co.uk/tattoos/55-tree-tattoo-designs/


Another oak with bare branches. This one focuses on the trunk specifically. The trunk providing the tree’s source of strength and possibly yours as well. 

Source: http://nenuno.co.uk/tattoos/55-tree-tattoo-designs/


This illustration portrays life and death. Half of the tree is full of lush leaves, while the other half is vulnerable and exposed. The birds flying away to escape winter’s breath.

“The Dance Of The Palm Trees…” - Michael Dolan

Palms can be identified by their scaling husks overlapping like shingles on a roof. The fan-like fronds sway in the windy breeze like long sandy hair blowing at the beach. They stand tall even in the strongest of hurricanes.

Easy.ink's FREEDOM Tattoo

A delicate duo of palms hanging out on the back of your ankle looks cute.

Source: https://www.yourtango.com/2018316576/nature-tattoos-inspired-by-nature-adventure-travel-tattoo


A single Palm Tree swaying on the back of an ankle or a wrist works too.

Source: http://akreditasi.net/popular/


Go for a detailed illustration of some Palms with a view of the sunset over the beach.


Source: http://googlechrome2016.ru/index.php?s=treejournalzainab.neeseesdresses.ru&p=7075224-palm-tree-tattoo-ankle-dr-woo-34-ideas-inn12.html&i=12


This adorable design of two palms forming a heart is almost too much.

“The Jack Pine grows to any shape that suits the light, suits the wind, suits itself.”- Milton Acorn

Pine Trees are also known as Evergreen. They never lose their color, the needles are pointed and fairly sharp. They stand high in thick forests and fill the air with a distinctive scent.

Source: http://googlechrome2016.ru/index.php?s=treejournalzainab.neeseesdresses.ru&p=7075224-palm-tree-tattoo-ankle-dr-woo-34-ideas-inn12.html&i=12


This pine is rooted deep and extending high. The detailing in the roots is a creative way to express yourself and personalize this piece. 

Source: http://googlechrome2016.ru/index.php?s=treejournalzainab.neeseesdresses.ru&p=7075224-palm-tree-tattoo-ankle-dr-woo-34-ideas-inn12.html&i=12


A single Pine placed simply on the ankle is a popular location for trees. Possibly because the closest thing people have to roots are their feet. 

Source: http://googlechrome2016.ru/index.php?s=treejournalzainab.neeseesdresses.ru&p=7075224-palm-tree-tattoo-ankle-dr-woo-34-ideas-inn12.html&i=12


These Pines are standing tall along the ribs, radiating strength and resilience. 

Source: http://googlechrome2016.ru/index.php?s=treejournalzainab.neeseesdresses.ru&p=7075224-palm-tree-tattoo-ankle-dr-woo-34-ideas-inn12.html&i=12

This teensy Pine is hiding beside the breast, like a little secret in the forest.

“What a strange thing! To be alive beneath Cherry Blossoms.” -Kobayashi Issa

Most trees are known to symbolize strength, the Cherry Blossom is more often used to represent the fragility of life. The tree blooms for only a short period of time, to witness its presentation is a gift. Life is precious and the Cherry Blossom teaches us to appreciate its beauty.

Source: https://www.sortra.com/cherry-blossom-tattoo-examples/


This design captures the beauty and detail of the exquisite blossoms in bloom— seriously stunning.

Source: https://www.sortra.com/cherry-blossom-tattoo-examples/

An intricate sketch of the branches and blossoms vining up the arm is truly beautiful.


Source: http://gardening-design.implantbirthcontrol.com/2019/06/12/flowering-tree-on-a-womans-back-very-large-black-tattoo-with/


The use of space in this design is exceptional. The way it plants at the hip and twists around to the back blooming up the ribs and spine captures the Cherry Blossom’s beauty and yours at the same time.

Source: http://googlechrome2016.ru/index.php?s=sandratattoomagazine.views4yu.ru&p=298098-tattoo-back-spine-cherry-blossoms-23-ideas.html


This representation takes center on the spine. The tree grows through the back branching out slightly with cherry buds in mid-bloom.



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