Kayapo Tribe

We are honored to support the Kayapo tribe in Brazil. They are truly special people that we’ve visited several times and continued to support them by raising awareness and funds for their community. The Kayapo tribe is one of the indigenous tribes using the Jagua fruits (genipa americana or genipapo) for hundreds of years in their daily life and sacred rituals.

Kayapo Tribe Brazil

The Kayapo people speak the Kayapo language. The Kayapos wear a flamboyant headdress decorated with feathers radiating outward to represent the whole universe. The headdress shaft represents a cotton rope by which the Kayapo first man descended with from heaven. The Kayapo villages and fields are built in a circle to represent the Kayapo believe of around universe.

The Kayapo people are hospitable people, and they welcome guests from any part of the world. The practice occasional body paints that have geometrical designs and they are either in black or red. 




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