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How long does the tattoo last?
Generally, it lasts 1-2 weeks. To be more specific, it varies and depends on where you placed it and how often it was exposed to sweat, detergents etc
What is the ink made of?
The ink is made using the extract of the Jagua fruit. For a complete list of ingredients check the product's labels. 
Can I shower while the patch develops (during the 2 hours)?
Don’t shower with your patch on, this can cause cause sweating. Sweat isn't good for your tattoo during the application time. 
Is it safe? 
Yes! The ink is the extract of Jagua fruit which is an edible fruit hence it is safe to use. Your Easy.ink tattoo is also made of FDA approved materials and it is Alcohol, PPD & latex free.
What should i do if i get an allergic reaction?
If you experience an allergic reaction to a tattoo, follow these steps to manage the situation:
1. Avoid Scratching: Scratching can worsen the reaction and damage your skin. Try to keep the area clean and untouched.

2. Apply Cortisone Cream: Over-the-counter cortisone cream can alleviate itching and reduce inflammation. Apply a small amount to the affected area according to the product's instructions.

3. Take Cool Showers: Avoid hot water on the tattooed area, as it can intensify the reaction. Opt for cool showers to soothe your skin.

4. Patch Test: For future tattoos, especially with Jaguar ink, consider a patch test before a full application. This test can help determine if your skin reacts negatively to the ink.

5. Consult a Healthcare Professional: If the reaction is severe or persists, seek advice from a healthcare professional. They can provide appropriate treatment and care instructions.

Remember, allergic reactions to tattoos, while uncommon, can occur. Knowing how to respond can help you manage the situation effectively and keep your skin healthy. Read more in our blog click here.
Can I swim with it?
Easy.ink is waterproof so you can swim, shower or enjoy long baths :) Do take into consideration that the pool’s Chlorine may cause it to fade faster than normal.
Some parts of my tattoo are missing after I removed the patch, what did I do wrong?
This can happen when parts of the patch don’t touch the skin. When applying the patch rub it gently so it applies to your skin evenly.
My tattoo came out blurry what did I do wrong?
You were probably sweating while wearing the patch. If you tend to sweat, make sure you wear the patch in a cool and ventilated space.
Can I get a custom tattoo
Yes you can! Here
Can I reuse the patch
No :)
I removed the patch and my skin got a bit red, what happened?
Using Easy.ink is normally easy and fun. But, just like with any product that comes in touch with our body, everyone reacts differently to it (like being allergic to strawberries). Redness sometimes happens but it normally goes away within a few hours to a day or two. It can be due to the reaction of your skin to the patch, its adhesive or to the Jagua ink. We gathered a few tips to help you treat it: Avoid scratching your irritated skin. Clean your skin with mild soap and lukewarm water. Apply skin soothing/anti-itch or hydrocortisone cream to soothe the area. If needed, consult your healthcare professional. 
What is Allergic Reaction to Medical Adhesive?
A rare condition of people who are allergic to the medical adhesive (bandages, medical and surgical tapes, medication patches and other wound care products). For people with this allergy, it's not new and usually, they had already found out they are allergic to medical adhesive. If you believe this is the case, remove the patch gently and softly clean the area with mild soap and water to remove any residual adhesive. In general, over-the-counter antihistamines and corticosteroid creams may be recommended. If you know you have this condition do not apply the patch before consulting with a professional healthcare provider
How can I remove the tattoo?
Here are a few things that cause the tattoo to fade more quickly: Sweating causes the tattoo to fade away more quickly. Exfoliating cream, washing the tattoo and scrubbing it gently (Don’t hurt yourself!). Sauna (Dry sauna preferably) is the best and quickest option - With a towel, rub the sweat that comes from where the tattoo is while sitting in a sauna, can greatly cause it to fade. Time, Time will make it disappear and lastly - Makeup! It will not remove it but it is a great solution if you like to hide your tat!
Is it safe for all ages?
We recommend it for 18+ only.
Should I shave?
You don’t have to but removing the patch from a hairless/shaved skin is much more pleasant :) If you do shave, give your skin a day to cure before applying the patch.
Is your product natural?
Yes! Easy.ink uses a safe, natural and organic body ink. The ink itself is the extract of a natural and organic fruit that is widely used in the food and cosmetics industries.
Can I apply it on my face?
In general, and not specific to our product, the face is a very sensitive area. This is why we do not advise tattooing the face. That being said, we know that people are using it for this purpose but we can not recommend it.
How does it work?
Easy.ink transfers the natural ink to the first layer of the skin (the Epidermis) which absorbs the ink. This is what makes the Easy.ink tattoo lasts longer than any other non-natural alternatives.
Is it Henna?
No it is not.
I am a tattoo artist and would like to offer you my designs
Let’s have a talk, contact us.
Can I apply the patch and go to bed?
As long as the patch isn't moving during the application time you can wear it while being awake or asleep. Make sure during this time that the patch isn't stretching and that the area isn't sweating. 
I forgot to remove the patch in time, is it bed?
Usually it's not a problem. It just increases the chances of exposing it to sweat which should be avoided while the patch is on. 
Can I remove the patch earlier? What will happen to my tattoo?
Removing the patch before time will yield a tattoo that is not very dark.


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