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How to Easy.ink

Easy.ink uses 100% natural ink, hence it's best kept in the freezer before use. 


How to apply your Easy.ink tattoo? Easy!


Step 1 - Cleaning the skin

Using the enclosed alcohol pad, wipe the area and wait a few seconds to allow the area to dry again. 


Step 2 - Applying the patch

Peel your Easy.ink patch, apply the patch to an area in its resting position and rub it gently.

That’s it! Wait 8 hours before removing the patch.


Step 3 - Removing the patch

Peel off the 1st patch layer. For easy removal of the 2nd patchuse the enclosed “patch remover liquid” and remove the patch gently.


Step 4 - Cleaning 

Gently run any adhesive hairlines on the borders of the tattoo using the enclosed “adhesive remover pad”. Then, use the enclosed “soap towelette” to clean the tattoo. While wiping ONLY use clean sides of the towelette with each wipe.


That's it! The next 24-48 hours, your new tattoo will gradually darken. During this time your tattoo is still fresh so make sure not to press it against other parts of your body for a long time as it's possible it'll transfer to those parts too. 

Watch the Tips & Tricks page for more useful and detailed information