The Jagua ink

Jagua - Handcrafted

Jagua is a rainforest fruit, scientifically known as the Genipa Americana. A common plant throughout the tropical regions of South America, Jagua has been used as a body art medium for over 2,000 years.


Jagua works by permanently staining the epidural layer of skin and creating a blue-black temporary tattoo that lasts until the skin regenerates in 2-4 weeks.

In its native region, Jagua is used for far more than temporary tattoos. The unripe fruit is used not only as a body stain but also as a dye for clothing and an ink for various artistic endeavors.


When the fruit is ripe it is a good source of nutrition and is served in the form of jelly, syrup, ice cream, and an array of beverages. Since the fruit is rather bitter (much like the American gooseberry) it is usually served highly sweetened. Additionally, Jagua is a regional folk remedy for the common cold.

To create the stain used in modern body art applications, the unripened Jagua fruit is juiced and strained to create a smooth liquid. Additionally, essential oils are mixed in to create a pleasant aroma and to slow the drying time of the gel for optimal staining.


We produce the ink ourselves using traditional and advanced techniques. This allows us to offer the best 2-Week tattoo ink available. Natural, safe and from the actual fruit. The stain is very dark and looks ultra realistic. 




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