Easy.ink Premium Temporary Tattoo FreeHand Ink

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Let's get creative! Get on the tattooer seat and start inking yourself, friends and family without regrets.  

Our unique ink (Jagua fruit-based formula) will give you an amazing looking Easy.ink tattoo, it will look just like a real tattoo. 


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Simply Follow These 4 Easy Steps 



Apply the Easy.ink premium freehand ink.



Allow at least 2 hours to dry completely. The longer the dried paste remains on the skin (1-2 hours) the longer the stain lasts.



Wash away the dry paste under running, soapy water. Wash it very well.



Relax :) The stain should look pale and blurry now. During the next 12 to 48 hours your new tattoo develops and will reach its final stain color after 72 hours. 


    Tips & Care Instructions

    Creating shades:A thicker paste on the skin results in a darker stain than thinner paste. Therefore, you can draw areas of the tattoo with a thinner paste in order to
    create shades. Shades create more realistic looking tattoos.

    Sleep: Don't go to sleep with the paste on. It stains any body parts it touches. So wash it well before heading to bed. 


    Face/Hands Stains: If you applied the tattoo to your hands, during the first 24 hours avoid touching your face area as it may transfer ink to it. If necessary, during this time you can cover your hands using long sleeve shirt or soft, breathable (Sweat must be avoided!) gloves. 


    Tips For Keeping Your Tattoo Sharp & Long Lasting

    1. Prior to any type of exposure to water apply a thin layer of Coconut oil, Cocoa butter or Beeswax on your tattoo
    2. Before tanning - Apply sunblock
    3. Avoid rubbing, scratching or scrubbing of any kind on the tattoo area
    4. Apply antiperspirant over the tattoo area before activities that cause you to perspire
    5. Minimize exposure to sweat, saunas, steam rooms, Bikram (hot) yoga or Chlorine (pool/jacuzzi)
    6. Keep your body hydrated and your skin moisturized
    7. During the first 72 hours avoid direct contact with very hot water 



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