How To Apply & Tips

How to apply your tattoo and some great tips for getting a great tattoo.


  1. Avoid any sweat while the patch is on. Like water on canvas, it can smear the art.

  2. Better place it in an area with little to no hair. Dense hair can prevent ink from touching the skin. If there is no skin contact - there is nothing to embed.

  3. Make sure the patch is fully stuck by pressing it firmly.

  4. It’s ok to shower within a few hours after removing the patch, just make sure not to wash it with soap. Also, don’t expose your tattoo to extreme heat.

  5. Apply the patch on a flat area on your body: An area that won’t stretch or fold while the patch is on you will give you the best results. Nobody wants a creased tattoo.

  6. Forgot to remove the patch in time? It should be fine. It can increase the chance of exposure to sweat but if that didn’t happen you might get a darker tattoo.
** tattoos Unofficial Hack: People have reported that by removing the patch slowly you often get to keep the design on the patch and able to reuse it! Let it sit for 2-3 hours and within 24 hours you’ll see your tattoo getting darker again. Make sure to keep the patch with its backing and stored in a cool, dry place.



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