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Tattoo Size

Important Notes Before You Upload:

- Upload 1 image file - Max size 20MB

- Images are converted to black and white

- Final tattoo is in 1 color: Black/dark blue

- You agree that you own the rights to use the image

- Use white background

- Use high-resolution image & thick linework

Looking to make your own special design? Not a problem! Upload your design, make sure it's black and white only (no shades or gradients) and we'll produce your unique tattoo.

We accept all image formats in black and white. All Uploaded images are turned to black and white before printing, check this example:

It's best to upload proper designs, don't upload real images but rather look for artwork/graphics/vectors:

Important Notice:

  1. We need 3-7 business days to complete custom tattoo production. Add that to the shipping time.
  2. Looking to make changes to your uploaded design? Make a new order! Once we start processing your tattoo we can't make any changes to it. 
  3. Design Modifications for Production

    At Easy.ink, we strive to ensure that your custom tattoo designs are produced with the highest quality and accuracy. However, to maintain the integrity and durability of your tattoo, we may need to make minor adjustments to your design. This may include thickening thin lines to ensure they can be effectively produced.

    Please note:

    • Any modifications will be minimal and will not alter the overall design.
    • Changes will be hardly visible to the naked eye.
    • Our goal is to preserve the original aesthetic and intent of your design while ensuring the best possible production outcome.

    We appreciate your understanding and are committed to delivering a tattoo that meets your expectations and our quality standards.

    Tips for ordering the right size:

      When you order a custom tattoo design, it's essential to understand how we determine the final size. For example, if you request a design that is 0.5 inches by 2 inches, we will place your design within these dimensions. The design will be scaled proportionally to fit within this box without stretching or distorting the original proportions.

      How it works:

      • We will fit your design within the specified dimensions without altering the aspect ratio.
      • The design will be scaled to touch the edges of the box, ensuring it fits within the given size.
      • This means your design will be as large as possible within the specified dimensions without being stretched or distorted.

      Tips for ordering the right size:

      • Draw a rectangle of the desired dimensions (e.g., 0.5 inches by 2 inches, or any other size we offer) on a piece of paper.
      • Place your design inside this rectangle to see how it fits.
      • Adjust your order size based on how you want your tattoo to appear within these constraints.

      This approach ensures that your tattoo maintains its original proportions and appearance. Please make sure to order the correct size to achieve the best result.

    🔥Bulk discount available upon ordering multiple copies of the same design 👍

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    3 =  25% OFF
    4 =  30% OFF
    5 =  35% OFF
    >10 =  40% OFF




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