Unforgettable Elephant Tattoos 🐘

November 12, 2019 4 min read

Enormous, enduring, intelligent and endangered are the world’s elephants. These massive giants roam the planet surviving through drought, predators, illegal poaching, and trophy hunting. Elephants are known for their impressive size, beautiful ivory tusks, friendly eyes, and curious trunks. All types of animals are used to represent certain character traits. An elephant can symbolize beauty and strength, wisdom, resilience, and even feminism. Stand out with a unique and fun elephant tattoo.


Elephants are gigantic but these temporary tattoos don’t have to be. The control is in your hands when it comes to the design and complexity of the art. Each of these designs was selected because they vary in size and intricacy. Choose between small delicate elephants that can fit in a pocket, to large and in charge giants that use more space.



 Designs that are inspired by the animals’ silhouette, and likeness. This group has cultural vibes, playful shapes, and lighthearted doodling. A stunning blend of wild, and fun.

Source: https://www.pacho-tattoo.com/elephant-tattoos-ideas-designs-meanings/3/

This illustration uses mandala effects in the image of an elephant. Every part of the elephant has been decorated with sprawling blossoms and transitioning waves. Honor the sacred animal in a creative translation.

Source: http://remodelin.ru/cz1zYW5kcmF0YXR0b29tYWdhemluZS52aWV3czR5dS5ydSZwPTI5ODg3Ni10YXR0b28tZWxlcGhhbnQtd3Jpc3Qtc2ltcGxlLTU0LXN1cGVyLWlkZWFzLmh0bWw=

Art is all about shapes and how they work together. This geometric image plays with triangles to form an elegant majestic elephant. This piece isn’t huge but doesn’t lack personality.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/abigailrosetattoo/

The relaxing swirling lines in this creation dance around whimsically through the legs and trunk of the elephant. Blossomed eyes and a flourishing heart signifying growth physically or mentally.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/lucasmilk/

This piece depicts a mother elephant with her calf. Elephants are mammals that thrive in a herd. They are social and depend on their community to survive. Elephants form significant bonds with their baby just as people do. A semi-permanent tattoo that has long-lasting values.

Circus Elephants 

Dancing and decorative elephants that revel in the nostalgia of the traveling circus from the years-long ago. Add a showstopping piece to your arm, thigh, or back that is imaginative and exciting.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/stellatxttoo/

The detail in the delicate strings of beads that dangle from the elephant’s head is masterful. Bejeweled in a costumed headdress ready to perform. The image features soft eyes and a flipped trunk that’s almost waving to you. Framed perfectly in bouquets of flowers.


Source: https://www.instagram.com/anais_chabane/

This elephant has a face made to dazzle. The stones dripping from beads strung to her ears. A crown sits upon her head like a royal queen.


Source: https://www.instagram.com/lonia_tattoo/

A little herd of elephants strolling along the back of your shoulders. They are decorated for the show and the peanut snacks. A more simple design for those that prefer a cartoonish doodle of these lovely animals.

Elephants In Bloom

These majestic mammals are known for living in matriarchal social groups. The females are in charge, and they are the ones leading. Therefore an elephant is a wonderful symbol of female empowerment. This group of designs centers around floral accents and the natural beauty of the elephant.

Source: http://thepinmarkt.com/cz1kdWxjZXRhdHRvb2Jsb2cuY2hpY2xvdGgucnUmcD0zMjk1MzYtMTctdHJlbmR5LXRhdHRvby1pZGVhcy1mZW1hbGUtZWxlcGhhbnQuaHRtbA==

A thick-lined sketch of an elephant filled with lush leaves, and blooming orchids. From trunk to tail the elephant is brimming with life. This temporary tattoo would display well on the back of a shoulder, or wrapping around a waist.

Source: http://tellegrini.ru/cz1tYWRhbHlubmJsb2d0YXR0b28ubXlibG9na2EucnUmcD0yODE3NDgwLW5ldy10YXR0b28taGlwLWVsZXBoYW50LXRhdC1pZGVhcy1pbm4yMS5odG1sJmk9MjE=

This queen is serving lewks. The flowers are positioned behind her ears like an accessory for hair. The ears are fully fanned out, while her trunk is flipped up and flirty.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/terryemi/

An elephant drawn right onto the upper thigh. A full-face lined with wrinkles of wisdom, and history. Spring flowers are growing under the tusks. A flower balances on top of the head while a single jewel falls into the center of the face. A detailed piece of art that no one can forget.

Sacred Indian Elephants

In India, the elephant is protected and considered sacred or holy. These illustrations are inspired by the art in Indian culture and representative of a God called Ganesh.

Easy.ink's Cute Ganesh Tattoo

This miniature Ganesh fits well on the thigh, hip, arm, or on the back of a shoulder. The popular mandala designs are skillfully painted on the body of the elephant’s back and ears. The elephant has a headdress and a decorated trunk.

Easy.ink's Arambol Tattoo

This depiction of Ganesh is a full face. The elephant trunk disappears before the snout, and the eyes are more closely resemblant of a human’s. The head holds a royal crown.

Easy.ink's Mysore Tattoo

This semi-permanent tattoo shows Ganesh in a blinding crown reflecting the sun’s light. The ears of an elephant flop open, while the trunk curls up into a twist. The face reflects a human.

Classically Beautiful

Source: https://www.instagram.com/lisaorth/

This elephant looks like it came from an actual wildlife safari photograph. A massive elephant roams forward through the diamond frame. The desert landscape and sapphire sky are behind him. The weathered detail of the elephants’ skin and the grooves in the ivory are prominent. This tattoo looks great on the chest, where will you get it inked?

Source: https://www.instagram.com/malwina8/

An excellent headshot of the elephant on the inside of the forearm. The skillful shading adds depth to the animal as its tired eyes gaze on the horizon.

Source: http://mossacres.ru/cz1tYWdhemluZXRhdHRvb2NvcmlubmUuc2ltaWRyZXNzLnJ1JnA9MjkxMTE3NC0yNS1pZGVhcy10YXR0b28tbWFuZGFsYS1zbWFsbC1lbGVwaGFudC5odG1sJmk9MA==

Nothing cuter than a family of elephants nestled together in a loving embrace. This group has cuddled close trunk to trunk. A sweet family portrait of animals that strive to survive.



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