Absolutely Magical Tattoos Inspired By Harry Potter

November 07, 2019 5 min read

At first, there were only books. The words flew off the pages, ignited the imaginations of children everywhere and changed the world. When the books became movies, film changed forever. The films captured characters only our minds had designed. The world and the magic became real. The books couldn’t stay on the shelves and the movies brought the words to life. These movies inspired physical attractions, themed worlds, more books to read and games to play. You could buy Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans and accidentally eat “earwax”. Now the children that have read the books first, are preparing to read them to the next generation. What began as a story has evolved into a multi-faceted treasure. Harry Potter has become one of the most famous wizards of all. As well as a number of other characters like Hagrid, Dumbledore, and Severus Snape. There is so much to love about the literature from J.K Rowling, and the movies that convinced the masses that magic is real and Muggles are too.

    Wizards and Muggles alike are able to appreciate and express love for Harry Potter and all the magic that comes with him. From cosplay in your room, to con and quidditch matches on the field, there is a little bit of Hogwarts everywhere—literally everywhere. If Harry Potter has a piece of your heart, consider browsing through these tattoos. There’s a mix of subtle and intricate but all of them magical.


    “Yer A Wizard Harry”

    For fans of the wizard himself, Harry; there is no shortage of tattoo ideas. The list is an endless scroll of black spectacles, dark marks, and intricate character portraits. Fans admire Harry for his bravery, selfless personality and compassionate attitude. These picks are subtle enough and easy to love just like Harry.

    Source: https://morethanthursdays.com/harry-potter-inspired-tattoos/

    Starting at the top, an illustration of Harry gathering his supplies for his first year at Hogwarts.

    Source: https://www.wattpad.com/289522840-handbuch-f%C3%BCr-potterheads-fotos

    Following down a haunting image of a dementor facing off with Potter’s Patronus. The use of dark and light in this sketch is symbolic and masterful.

    Source: https://morethanthursdays.com/harry-potter-inspired-tattoos/

    The third listed is a simple drawing of those classic black frames and the dark mark that resembles a lightning bolt on Harry’s forehead.

    Source: https://www.popsugar.co.uk/tech/photo-gallery/41288523/embed/41288503/Lightning-Bolt

    The last design in this group is an even more subtle take for a fan wanting something teensy. A dark mark to accent a wrist, ankle, or anywhere else you fancy.


    “The Deathly Hallows”

    “I assume that you are all familiar with “The Tale of the Three Brothers ``?'' (“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” J.K Rowling) Another ink option available that is fun, without being too obvious is an image of the Deathly Hallows symbol. This symbol represents three objects that when combined create “The Master of Death.”  As the legend goes there are three objects that contain magical abilities. When one wields all three at once they become the "True Master of Death" Those objects are the Elder Wand, the Invisibility Cloak, and the Resurrection Stone. A true fan doesn’t need it spelled out for them, this tattoo is a must-have. Each image represents the symbol in their own specific way and they are all mystical.

    Source: https://morethanthursdays.com/harry-potter-inspired-tattoos/

    This illustrates The Deathly Hallows symbol. The invisible cloak represented by the triangle that is sketched in both dotted and continuous strokes. The Elder Wand extends through the center of the triangle and the circle that symbolizes the Resurrection Stone set in a ring.

    Source: http://tattoo.katabara.com/239104-52-ideas-tattoo-sleeve-ideas-quotes-harry-potter-inn9.html

    This piece includes The Deathly Hallows symbol, a golden snitch, Harry Potter’s Patronus and his Messenger Owl. The tattoo that has it all.

    Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/348254983669601687/

    This image works best for pals. One wrist has a quote from Severus Snape and Dumbledore cleverly incorporating the Deathly Hallows symbol and the title stars that mark the pages in the book series.


    “The Wand Chooses The Wizard…”

    Get a wand tattoo! These are unique, intricate and feel magical. The wand is a wizard’s most powerful tool. The folklore and stories describe wands and their characteristics as varied as an individual's personality. By choosing a favorite from one of your beloved characters you can carry a piece of them and their magic wherever you go. Feeling brave, you can “discover your wand” here . Use that design to embellish your canvas. You’ll be practicing charms and spells before the ink dries. Remember it’s ‘Wingardium Levios—ah”

    Source: https://weheartit.com/entry/193369153

    These are accurate representations of the most popular trio at Hogwarts. Perfect ink idea for a group of three, or simply your all-time favorite pupil.

    Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BY9wNQsAQsQ/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=12v1zknbe2gsl

    This tattoo includes a wand and a charm. Boggarts won’t be a bother anymore.

    Source: https://morethanthursdays.com/harry-potter-inspired-tattoos/

    Another design that has everything you want all in one place. This beautiful piece represents the Elder Wand, swirling magic, the Deathly Hallows symbol, a quidditch snitch, an homage to Harry and the 9 ¾ platform.

    When There’s No Place Like Hogwarts

    Hogwarts is one of the most captivating and life-like worlds ever created. From the moment Harry arrives you are spellbound to its appearance and decadent history. A castle that reaches the clouds in the sky resting in thick and mossy forests. The students are separated and organized into different houses based on the Sorting Hat’s judge of character. The paintings are alive and conversational. There are plenty of students and a fair share of ghosts. Each year there is more to learn from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, like how do people get to where they are going if the staircases are always moving? For those of us still waiting for our acceptance letter, there are these enchanted pieces to ogle.

    Source: https://morethanthursdays.com/harry-potter-inspired-tattoos/

    A simple sketch of Hogwarts in all of its glory.

    Source: https://morethanthursdays.com/harry-potter-inspired-tattoos/

    This is a more elaborate take on the scene. The details are rich with a “Starry Night” feel. A book of spells flung open, while a wand waves the image into place.

    Source: http://ceknamabayi.com/en/

    This inky picture displays Hogwarts under the night sky and a full moon. The school is cradled in a book.

    Harry Potter

    These tattoos encompass all there is to love about Harry Potter and the world J.K Rowling introduced us to. If the ink you’re searching for has a miscellaneous feel, there might be something for you below.

    Source: https://media-democracy.net/ideas/tattoos/21-incredible-cool-harry-potter-tattoos/

    The “Always” response from Severus cleverly crafted with the symbol of The Deathly Hallows.

    Source: https://smalltattoo.insultsdaily.com/small-tattoos/harry-potter-did-i-already-have-1-but-i-think-i-could-get-a-few-more/

    This Lumos charm that never quits.

    Source: https://morethanthursdays.com/harry-potter-inspired-tattoos/

    As well as this delightful picture of Marauder’s Map.

    Lions, Tigers and Thestrals? Oh My!

    In the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter, there are dozens of encounters with ferocious beasts, trolls, ghosts, spiders, and even merpeople. Don’t forget the Phoenixes or Thestrals. There is an abundance of fantastic beasts to be found in Hogwarts. These are great options for those wanting a tattoo, but cherish the details of the world surrounding the wizards at Hogwarts. These images are peculiar and uncommon. No one wants to bump into someone with the same tattoo, and these can be an excellent way to steer clear of the most popular choices. Any one of these mythical creatures will make you stand out as a fan of Harry Potter and the irresistible world the books portray.


    Source: https://morethanthursdays.com/harry-potter-inspired-tattoos/

    A haunting Merperson, a true nightmare to hone.

    Source: https://fineartamerica.com/shop

    A fiery Phoenix to set your arm ablaze and remind you to rise from the ashes.

    Source: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/03/58/1b/03581b89530eb0dfc787c96c44626323.jpg



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