The Big And The Baddest Wolf Tattoos

December 23, 2019 4 min read

Deceptively adorable, majestic, and wild are the canines society hasn’t tamed. The wolf is a powerful and dangerous animal that hunts in packs. They survive nature’s harsh environment as a group and thrive in these tight-knit communities. Relying on their wild animal instincts have provided them with the strength to endure through history. Wolves are prevalent in folklore, film, and art as keen, conniving, quick, and relentless. These gorgeous animals are also spiritual totems in Native American culture. Connect with your wild side and get inspired by these amazing wolf tattoos.

The Leader Of The Pack

Everyone grew up learning about the “big, bad wolf” who prey upon the weak. Many identify with the wolf for its strength and decisiveness. The ability the wolf has to act upon its instincts is remarkable. A wolf is aggressive and intelligent. The animal is consistently tied to symbolic references to pride, nobility, and freedom. These wolves are big, bad, and inspirational.



A stunning headshot of this baddie with piercing cold eyes sends a strong message. The wolf is a protector or guardian. A sign that you’re smart, and reserved. This wolf can’t be beaten because it’s already the best. The patient eyes have settled on something it wants, and now they’ll wait.


The wolf is always watching. The restful gaze seems to penetrate the soul that meets their stare. The wolf represents a deep understanding of the world and nature. Their keen senses identify threats and defend themselves when needed. This wolf is a guardian as it is placed on the back. The location implies that you can always sense what’s going on even when your back is turned.



A gruesome image of a bloody wolf is unsettling and grotesque. This semi-permanent tattoo suggests strength and power. The blood of a kill used to represent a threat that was annihilated. The art indicates that this person won’t hesitate to remove a disloyal or toxic link from their pack. The dark imagery is discomforting, and skillful, proving that this wolf is dangerous. Proceed with caution and make your intentions clear.'s Reynard Tattoo

This quickly drawn sketch of a scruffy wolf is charming. The wolf is known for being calculative and predatory but there are more endearing characteristics that should be known. As animals, wolves are social and devoted parents. They thrive in communities and develop strong bonds with the members of the pack. A wolf makes an interesting semi-permanent tattoo choice because overall it represents passion. Passion for life, and the ones closest to their hearts.

Nymeria ♥ Summer ♥ Shaggy Dog ♥ Grey Wind ♥ Lady ♥ Ghost ♥

Wolves have been captivating interest for thousands of years. These furry beasts have true personalities just like their domesticated relatives. Even if they can’t be tamed, these wild ones are fun to watch on television, read in books, or admire in awe. A category of temporary tattoo ideas that take the wild out of the wolf and add a little more whimsy.'s Ladykiller Tattoo

A petite face of a pup can make a great addition to some blank space on your skin. The young pup can symbolize new members of a family, youth, or intellectual growth. A child has a curious mind and they ask questions. To remain a pup is to remain alert, inquisitive, and curious. A difficult trait to hang onto over the passage of time. Remind yourself to question the world around you, and bottle the child-like wonder that dissolves as we grow.


The story of “Little Red Riding Hood” teaches us to beware of the wolf. The wolf succeeds in its deception by tricking a young girl into letting her guard down. Her vulnerability results in her grandmother becoming a meal for the wolf. While the story may only exist in dreams the message has been transcendent through time. Wolves are quick and cunning. They likely are able to anticipate the next moves during the chase, and few make it out alive. This old folk’s tale is captured beautifully in the frame of a wolf howling into the night. The wolf lurking behind Little Red is representative of a predator and prey relationship. Innocence and evil forces are in motion. This relationship can symbolize the cycle of life, survival, or protection.


Art requires a balance of color and depth. Nature requires a balance of life and death. Balance is essentially a relationship that moves harmoniously through time. This image represents the beauty of the animal’s body. The symmetry and shapes that form this incredible beast are marvelous to see. The tattoo symbolizes logic, confidence, and pride. A unique design to incorporate beauty and brains as one whole piece.


This colorful floral illustrative temporary tattoo design is heartwarming. Wolves are known to be supportive and nurturing parents to their litter of pups. Check out this adorable mama with her pup nuzzled in a warm hug. The couple is surrounded by flowers that are symbolic of life, and love. The cuties are enjoying each other’s company which indicates that family relations are strong and significant. The mother is a fierce protector of her young but doesn’t hesitate to show her affections with those closest to her.

Hungry Like A Wolf

Wolves are known for their appetites. They are relentless hunters, and always fill their bellies with the fuel they need to survive. Whether you’re starving for knowledge, love, family, or literally just hungry these curated designs can feed your needs.


This confident canine stands tall in a silhouette of thick branches. The forest is symbolic of protection just as the wolf. The wolf protects its pack and the forest protects the wolf. A guard dog that goes wherever you go, taking notice of those around you and their intentions.


Four wolves each represented in various themed backgrounds indicate the four seasons in a year. The wolf endures each changing season with the ease and grace of a ballet dancer on stage. This design suggests elements of wisdom, life, and freedom.


The skilled design of this incredible wolf embraces the use of flowers on one side of the face. The flowers are used to represent life blooming. The wolf appears dark, and reclusive apart from the flowers which can indicate a life cycle set in motion. An animal that is finally free to live fully, and with pride.



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