Bird Tattoos Worth Tweeting About

December 26, 2019 4 min read

Nature is diverse and expansive. Each organism serves a purpose and perpetuates the delicate balance of the natural world. With advancing technology and modern civilization, the forests, streams, and animals feel forgotten. The stress of daily life detracts from the simple elegance of wildflowers in a meadow, birds soaring through the clouds or the raw history in an Oak tree’s trunk. Explore the world around you and connect with nature, we have more in common than you think.

One of the most peculiar and interesting animals are birds. The gorgeous feathers, the ability to fly, or the effortless songs that echo through the trees are some reasons birds are admired. There are thousands of different species of bird and each can represent something different. From freedom to life, to balance, and truth birds have powerful symbolic meanings. These bird tattoo designs are meant for those reconnecting with nature. Try adopting the free spirit of the hummingbird, the eagle, or sparrow and let your heart soar.

♫ “Who Will Love A Little Sparrow” ♪
-Simon & Garfunkel

Sparrows are a sign of power and strength. These small birds are often regarded as weak but they have endured through time and survived through history for centuries. Small but nimble and always busy. A sparrow’s charm is pure and simple. “Who will love a little sparrow?” Who wouldn’t?


This sparrow is swooping in for a landing. The wings are spread to indicate ability and strength. A sparrow is known for its crafty sense of problem-solving. These birds pay close attention to their surroundings and use their creativity to their advantage.


What a sparrow lacks in size is accounted for in defense and intimidation. The sparrow is known to defend itself in danger and is used as a symbol of protection in culture throughout history. Appreciate the effortless motion as it moves through the air, and soars in to attack.'s Emancipation Tattoo

Birds in migration are a signal of the changing seasons. The cycle of life ushers in a new opportunity or a new beginning. These sparrows are representative of change. A sparrow goes where its heart tells them too, and so should you.


Birds are naturally social and empathetic animals. They are observed in nature as caring and loving. This pair appears to be helping each other. This temporary tattoo design can be symbolic of a healthy balanced relationship. The branch offered by one sparrow is met with berries from another sparrow. One provides food while the other provides a shelter. Together they weather life.

Hummingbird Heart

The hummingbird is a delightful bird that moves skillfully through the flowers in the spring. Their wings flap furiously in the air blurring their shape and outline. These small vibrant birds are symbolic of happiness, optimism, and independence.


Because hummingbirds are significantly important in culture, an artistic interpretation adds a unique element to its design. The bold patterns used in the feathers respect its roots in history.'s The Seeker Tattoo

Birds are pollinators which means they are responsible for planting new flowers, and plants. They create life through their niche. The hummingbird spreads life, love, and positivity. This design can represent your ability to help and serve others.


Flowers symbolize life and the hummingbird symbolizes protection for that life. The nurturing behavior of the hummingbird serves to sustain life, and defend. These birds are gorgeous and intelligent, reminding people that to love is to live.


The hummingbird appears fragile and unassuming. The non-threatening nature of the colorful bird aids in its ability to survive. The bird is quick and alert to its surroundings. Hummingbirds prove that the small can be mighty. This semi-permanent tattoo design uses watercolors to capture the blur of fluttering wings of a hummingbird.

“If You’re A Bird, I’m A Bird!”
- The Notebook

There are thousands of different birds. The species include predatory hunters, like eagles or hawks, flightless birds like penguins or flamingoes, tropical birds, and domesticated parakeets. Each subspecies has a distinctive role and purpose. Each and every bird has a beauty that is unique. These temporary tattoos include adorable and the less familiar feathered friends.


Cardinals are the vivid red-feathered birds that can be found during winter in snow-covered trees. These sharp-looking birds represent truth. These birds endure harsh cold months and always look breathtaking.


The eagle is a hunter. They seek small mammals to prey upon, while soaring through the clouds and soaking the sunlight. These birds are massive in size and used as powerful symbols in culture. Most often the eagle represents freedom and pride. The bird is also used to represent talent and skill. They are indicative of “the best”. They strike fear with rabbits and mice as their large shadows flash over fields of grass or desert.


Owls are hunters as well. They prey upon small animals in the night. Snakes and mice scurry through the dark forest in fear of the quick and quiet owl’s talons. An owl is intimidating with large eyes and broad chest. The call of the owl is haunting in the night. Owls are used to represent wisdom and truth, as well as protection.


A flamingo is an alternative semi-permanent tattoo option for someone looking for something new and different. These tall and slender birds are constantly blushing in pink hues. They wade in shallow water fishing for shrimp. The sight of these silly birds incites smiles and laughter. Nature is a wonderfully diverse place for animals of all shapes, sizes, and colors. This design reminds us that life is fun just like a flamingo.



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