Flower Tattoos You'll Want To Plant

December 28, 2019 4 min read

Where flowers bloom there is hope. A hope that life can change or that you can change. There are thousands of flowers that are all different colors, and shapes. Some have thorns, some have strong perfume scents that flood the air, and some are so delicate and faint you hardly know they’re there. Each one is perfect and distinct. Flowers are a lot like people because they don’t know how beautiful they are. They live in a universe much bigger than them, and never see the impact of their existence. A world without flowers is a world without inspiration.

The flower can represent many things, most prominently beauty and life. The meaning changes with the type of flower, or the color in their prismatic petals. Flowers are popular subjects in paintings, photographs, poetry, art in general, and are often received as sentimental gifts throughout the year. These flowers were picked for their gorgeous detail, serenity, and elegance. They inspire hope, growth, and change.

“You Are The Poem Wildflowers Write To Spring”
- R. Queen

The beauty of wildflowers is special because no one sees the same thing. One might see a delicate flower to braid into their hair, while others may see a weed that needs to be plucked. Wildflowers are just as important as the rose. They are lively and lush. They can represent humility, truth, and strength.


Source: https://www.soopush.com/tattoos/60-charming-tattoo-inspiration/60/

It doesn’t matter if it’s peonies, marigolds, lilacs, or daisies, flowers have a way of capturing attention. They represent life in all its seasons from seed to blossom. A reminder that we all start as nothing and grow.

Easy.ink's Bloom Tattoo

The petals open and embrace the sun’s warmth. They are vulnerable, fragile, and yet stand tall against the breeze. Sometimes they are plucked from the ground and die in a vase. Sometimes they grow taller than the grass and feed the bees and butterflies.

Easy.ink's Posy Tattoo

Flowers are representative of change. They start as seeds and grow to a bud. Only in the flower’s prime does it bloom toward the sky. Everyone blossoms in their own time, don’t rush change because change is inevitable. With exciting temporary tattoos like this change is always beautiful.

Source: https://www.a2048.com/tattoos/40-stylish-design-ideas-for-flower-tattoo/19/

Some say flowers have a language all their own because there are so many types and each with their own palette of vibrant colors. Chrysanthemums symbolize cheer, White Carnations represent luck, love, and innocence. Bluebells symbolize kindness and humility, and tansies can mean hostility. Choose a semi-permanent tattoo that represents your feelings. The options are nearly endless.

Source: https://www.a2048.com/tattoos/40-stylish-design-ideas-for-flower-tattoo/6/

Cornflowers, Ragged Robins, Daisies, and Wild Thyme bundled together in a bright bouquet. Craft a bouquet that’s unique to you and your desires. Wildflowers remind people to grow wherever they can, and don’t worry about who is watching. Enjoy these temporary tattoo ideas for your next piece.

“We’re All Golden Sunflowers Inside.”
- Allen Ginsberg

Sunflowers are distinctly known for their petals that have been stained by the sun. Their giant faces that rotate with the sun’s rays throughout the day, and their magnificent size. These tall stalky flowers can grow up to five feet tall, and attract all kinds of friends. They are strong, smart, and breathtaking. Roses can’t have all the attention while these floral sunshine in the fields of green.

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Brilliant gold petals expose a rich chocolate-toned center. They are a vision of beauty. Sunflowers reach toward the sky in search of the sun. The sun shines on their beauty and encourages the flower to grow. Find the thing that encourages you to grow, and soon you’ll bloom like a sunflower.

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Sunflowers promote happiness. They shine like a bright and honest smile. A flower that is known to bring joy. This flower is an opportunity to bring a reminder of joy wherever you go. A charm that can’t be ignored, and won’t die during the winter. 

Source: https://fashionfezt.com/index.php/2019/07/02/40-newest-sunflower-tattoo-ideas-for-you/

Yellow is often associated with vitality and positivity. sunflowers soak up the rays of heat from the sun and spread that love and joy to other members of the natural world. The birds, butterflies, and bees all receive the gifts that the sunflower provides. Mothers are often represented by sunflowers for their unique ability to raise children and remain a force of joy and strength.

Source: https://fashionfezt.com/index.php/2019/07/02/40-newest-sunflower-tattoo-ideas-for-you/

Flowers bloom when the time is right. The environment has to be stable otherwise it may never grow. Flowers live shorter lives than people, however, like people they can be gone in an instant. Appreciate the beauty around you and in yourself, because this life isn’t long.

Maybe Thorns, Have Roses
- H.N

Roses are one of the most common flowers depicted in the media. They are a popular brilliant flower with an unbelievable scent and silky soft petals. They come in dozens of colors and constantly steal the show in a well-tended garden. They are stunning, but try to pick one out for yourself and prick your finger on their discreet and razor-sharp thorns. Beware of the beauty of a Rose, it is bold, intoxicating, and dangerous.

Source: https://www.soopush.com/tattoos/60-charming-tattoo-inspiration/26/

A delicate strand of roses can be used as a warning. This lovely rose says “be careful” and isn’t afraid to defend itself

Easy.ink's No Rain No Flowers Tattoo

“No rain, no flowers,” is represented in the stem of this rose. This semi-permanent tattoo represents hardship. A flower suffers through harsh weather and if it survives, lives to bloom. A person must also endure tough situations or moments of conflict to invoke a physical change.

Source: https://www.a2048.com/tattoos/40-stylish-design-ideas-for-flower-tattoo/12/

Use roses to decorate and embellish your favorite parts of you. These roses bloom over the hip and thigh. Accentuate your petals just as a rose does for the bumblebee. You have a gift just like the rose don’t let it fade away when the season changes.

Source: https://www.a2048.com/tattoos/40-stylish-design-ideas-for-flower-tattoo/35/

Whether the roses interpret love, admiration, and desire or passion and innocence they are a great mark of wisdom. A flower lives its life in seasons taking each change as it comes with grace and strength. A flower can teach us a lot about life.



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