10 unique temporary tattoo ideas for the summer

August 25, 2020 3 min read


One of the best things about the summer is that there are lots of interesting fashion trends and looks to try out. Whether you’re meeting up with friends, heading to a festival or spending time with a loved one at a barbecue, there are plenty of great opportunities to express yourself and your style in the warmer months.


There are a number of amazing ways that you can add extra layers to a summery look this year- one of them being temporary or semi-permanent tattoos. Here at Easy.Ink, we’re passionate about bringing our customers the best of the best when it comes to temporary tattoos, and we think that you’ll love what we’ve got on offer.


To help you out with finding the best temporary tattoos for your summer looks, we’ve handpicked 10 of our favorite tattoo ideas- covering everything from classic, old-school designs to modern, intricate pieces.


A favorite animal


Animals have held rich meanings in tattoos for years, and this is especially prevalent in old school, American traditional tattoo styles. For example, did you know that swallow tattoos were used by sailors to show off how far they had traveled? Animal tattoos are wonderfully vibrant and make great temporary tattoo pieces.


If you’re on the hunt for a temporary tattoo featuring a powerful animal, we think you’ll like our SAND tattoo:

This semi-permanent tattoo has been designed in a modern, minimalist style and it would look great placed on an upper arm or ankle.


Floral gems


Out of all the categories that we feature on our website, this is one of the most popular by far. Floral tattoos and temporary pieces never go out of vogue, and they look incredible paired with any kind of fashion or look. Whether you like soft, feminine looks or edgy, gothic vibes, there’s bound to be a great floral piece for you.


Interestingly, floral temporary tattoos mesh well with other styles- we’d suggest looking for a geometric floral tattoo in particular. They also look great worked into intricate mandala designs, which are amazing for the summer.



A classy arrow


On the hunt for something simple and elegant? If so, a semi-permanent arrow tattoo could be the perfect choice for you this year. They look great with colorful additions - like flowers or watercolor splashes - but they look wonderful in black linework too.


If you’re looking to get an arrow temporary tattoo, we’d suggest placing it on your forearm, calf or back. They can also look good placed on the side of a hand or a foot, but it’s worth considering that they may fade quicker on spots like this.



An astral piece


Celestial and astral inspired pieces always look brilliant, no matter where you put them. In recent years, there’s been a surge of popularity relating to astrology, and now is the perfect time to showcase your love for it by grabbing a stunning, astral temporary tattoo.


Out of all the astral themed tattoos that we’ve got on our website, this galaxy piece has to be one of the best:

This beautiful piece was designed to fit perfectly on a spine or down a forearm, and it would be a great piece to wear this summer. It’s elegant and well designed, and would look stunning with a backless dress, too.


Something geometric


Geometric tattoos are all the rage right now, and summer is the perfect time to experiment with new trends. When looking at geometric tattoos, it’s important to note that there are countlesssub-themes to pick from. For example, on our website we feature geometric designs that showcase;


  • Animals
  • Patterns
  • Spiritual symbols
  • Natural motifs
  • Abstract designs

 This list is not exhaustive, of course- there are geometric semi-permanent tattoos that feature everything from flowers to famous people. This is certainly a category that we would recommend taking a look at in more depth this summer.



Old school flash


Whether you’re interested in American traditional or neo-traditional tattoo designs, there’s bound to be a great old school flash design for you to check out this year. There are simply so many designs that this genre covers, and a multitude of themes to suit any style.


One of the best examples that we have up for grabs right now is this gorgeous dagger design:


This intricate, neo-traditional piece has been drawn up in a thick and luxurious blackwork style. If you’re heading to a gig or festival this summer, this could be one of the best options for you to pick out to wear.



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