Tattoos That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

December 22, 2019 4 min read

The head says “ You don’t need another tattoo”, as the heart cuts in “ but I want another tattoo…” The heart is constantly getting in the way with its rational ideas. Hearts are symbols of love and affection. These shapes decorate notebooks in school, poems, and are littered through text messages. Love is tossed around generously, but it’s more than red and pink hearts scribbled on Valentine’s Day cards. The heart is used to represent our soul. To live with your heart is to be free or acting on passion or emotions. The heart is a powerful organ in the human body and is believed to be the point where the physical self meets the spirit self. They are connected, even if they don’t always agree. Get a temporary tattoo that doesn’t cost a fortune and satisfies the craving for new ink. These creative designs were selected for the passionate, emotional, liberated, and independent people in the world. Eat your heart out.

“ You are not rich until you have a rich heart.”
- Roy T. Bennett. The Light In The Heart

A heart can be a simple one-line drawing of a shape that means nothing, or it can pull from personal history and relationships. The heart can be a complex story that becomes a tapestry on the skin. Every heart has lessons it learned and memories of the past. These hearts take a simple shape and use their form to illustrate a deeper meaning.


The brain tells you when you’re hungry, but the heart tells you what you’re hungry for. Love is an understanding of the soul. This heart is representative of love and affection. For some falling in love is easy, but finding a soul mate is hard. The interlocked rings represent marriage, union, and love. The names include dates of birth. This semi-permanent tattoo compliments a person that values family, love, and happiness.


This heart is formed by joining two fingerprints together to form the shape. Love is defined by a heart, the heart is connected to the soul, and the soul is as unique as DNA in a fingerprint. Hopeless romantics everywhere longing for the one that suits them perfectly in life. Call it fate, or love, or whatever you want it’s one of kind— guaranteed.'s Puzzle Piece Tattoo

If every heart contains a soul and each soul is different, finding a soul that compliments or completes you is commendable. Life is often associated with puzzles. The pieces are jagged and only fit together one way but every puzzle is a little different. Love is the missing piece for many. When love is found, life feels a little less crazy.'s Creation Of Love Tattoo

Life is about personal connections. That feels special in a world that operates mostly through technology or social media. True friendship is powerful and strong. This design represents two souls connecting through physical touch. The finger symbolizes the sense of touch, which sends messages to the heart and is then interpreted by the brain. There’s chemistry, there’s magic, there’s love.

Couples Ink

We all know it’s probably a bad idea to tattoo someone’s name on your body even if it’s temporary. That doesn’t stop people from doing it anyway. There are alternatives to couples tattoos that don’t involve risky identifiers. These ideas take love and double it. There aren’t any modifications to be made in 10 years, or 6 months because if the relationship ends, there won’t be any need for awkward conversations.


This heart, for example, is a charming geometric design that uses the shape of a heart. The matching tattoos look great by themselves and even better together. It would be like finding a twin you didn’t know you had. The temporary tattoos work well either way. The matching tattoo isn’t restricted to couples. This design is perfect for sisters, best friends, or any other group that is important to you.



Flowers are most often symbolic of life. The floral detail in this design is delicate and feminine. The image forms the shape of a heart which represents love. The tattoo is perfect for a mother and daughter.



These two dainty hearts are discreet enough that if the pair separated the tattoo still looks charming and decorative. The ankle is a great place for a tattoo like this. The pink hearts can work well for besties, sisters, or romantic partners.

Broken Hearts Still Beat

Heartbreak is always a doozy. The heart is known for going against what it knows can hurt them. Love is powerful but in life, things get broken. Love doesn’t always last, or passion dies. These semi-permanent tattoos play around with the idea of heartbreak. Most of them illustrating that time can heal wounds.


The crack in the heart is clear all the way through the middle. As time passes the crack is slowly disappearing until finally, a full heart emerges. Pain is important in life, and through the pain, we grow.


This creative design uses a sewing needle and a tree. The sewing needle represents the mending of a heart. Whether that healing was done by the self or another isn’t clear. The tree that has grown from the heart is indicative that life has grown from that wound. The tree represents security, strength, and prosperity in life.


Sometimes a broken heart doesn’t heal. A scar forms and a different lesson is learned. A closed and broken heart is the truth for many. They are guarded, and protective. These people trust few and may live very reserved lives. The moment a person experiences their heart shattering is traumatic and the ugly truth is not everyone heals.



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