Romantic Rose Tattoo Inspirations 🌹

November 24, 2019 4 min read

One of nature’s greatest gifts are flowers. There is a flower for every occasion and most emotions. Among all flowers, roses are magical and romantic. These gorgeous flowers represent love, passion, hope, or memorial. While red roses are more common, white roses, yellow or pink all symbolize different things. Consider the color of the rose and the message you want to present.  When life gets crazy, stop and take a minute to smell the roses—or better yet, keep a rose tattoo with you all the time.

“Every Rose Has Its Thorn…” Poison

Writers, poets, and songwriters enjoy talking about these gorgeous flowers for their bright plumage and delicate appearance. These temporary tattoos combine written words and the captivating beauty of roses. The creative designs are perfect for anyone who loves language and nature.


“Temporary people give permanent lessons.”  Quotes provide depth and meaning to the imagery. The rose can represent the “self” or another person. The text suggests an important person, pricked your finger, disappeared and left you to grab the bandage.



A flower represents life. From a seed, to a bud, to bloom— the life cycle is similar to our own. The rose above is mature and in full blossom. This image is indicative of a full, and happy life. 


When love is in the air, it smells an awful lot like roses. This flower is most famous for its association with passion, relationships, and love.  This flower can represent a lover from the past or present. The flower stem design is disguised as the Spanish word for “love”.  The rose is in full bloom and symbolizes that the flower was planted with love. The care and attention to detail of this plant has encouraged the rose to bloom with confidence.


A rose is classicly good looking. No rose is exactly alike, but each is beautiful. Three roses represent the past, present, and future. Each is in full bloom, which can symbolize perseverance or resilience. A memorial of strength and empowerment. Celebrate all your petals, and whatever color you bloom.

“The Last Rose Of Summer” (Thomas Moore)

The next group of roses are all by themselves. They represent the power of being the “only one”, or “the survivalist”, they are the last roses before winter’s kiss.


A rose standing alone in the vast expanse of a garden, field,  or on your skin. This semi-permanent tattoo is created to provide confidence and pride in yourself. To know your beauty is to see your beauty.'s Rosales Tattoo

Sweet and feminine accents that hint at fragility. A tough exterior can be intimidating. By adding a  delicate rose you may soften your appeal. Roses are both elegant and bold, accentuate all the parts of you.'s Scarlet Tattoo

In nature, a rose blooms until winter frost sets in. Winter symbolizes death. This rose can represent the end of one chapter in life. Our life continues, and new roses blossom, the cycle continues on.'s Eminent Tattoo

A rose in hand can be interpreted in different ways. The hands are used to give, and to take. To offer love is a sign of generosity, to take love, may be a sign of recklessness. The last rose in the bouquet can mean last chances in life. A risk being taken, or a moment of redemption.

“I Never Promised You A Rose Garden” (Lynn Anderson)

Need more than a single rose to satisfy your blossoming personality? This group of roses features clusters of blushing flowerets and lush leaves. Each design is significant and representative of an individual. The art is powerful and unique to establish verity.


These passionate blossoms are open and radiating lust.  A couple of roses joined together to signify mutual emotions. A reciprocated relationship. Two roses that blossom together can represent a healthy, and strong partnership.


This piece represents almost every stage of the flower’s life. From a rosebud, to a soft bloom, and a spectacular blossom. There are two roses to signify a relationship. The detailed phases of the rose can represent growth and commitment to each other. To care for a rose takes great dedication and patience, two things that are essential to a long fulfilling love.


Three roses in numerology translate to “I”, “Love”, “You.” Each rose responsible for one flower. Before you love another you must love yourself. This piece translates as a love letter to the self.


Roses symbolize love, and hummingbirds symbolize healing. The birds are also thought to bring love or joy. Hummingbirds are pollinators therefore this tattoo can indicate love spreading, or being pollinated in us. In a way, each of us is a flower, and can’t blossom until the right person comes along. 

A Band Of Roses

“The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious to the rose”– Kahlil Gibran. Perception is wicked, and at times cruel. Which person are you? These temporary tattoos share a similar style. A ring of roses around the wrist, like a bracelet of gemstones inlaid in gold.


The cuff of two roses surrounds the arm. The roses aren’t clearly blooming which can represent inopportune timing. The roses can represent room for growth, and a “work in progress” mindset. The circular motion is indicative of life’s cycle.


A rose corsage centered on the wrist represents young love. The first rose that blooms are always the brightest. Decorated with leaves and buds describe ripples in time. Every action in life opens new paths or directions.


A bold band of roses blocking out a section of the arm gives these feminine flowers a masculine appeal. Flowers aren’t just for women, and this semi-permanent tattoo proves that men understand the beauty of nature in its warm embrace. Break social norms, and dare to do something different. Love is for all of us.



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