Semi-Permanent Tattoo Freehand Ink - ink only


Semi-permanent tattoo ink, super dark and super realistic. Use our Premium freehand ink formula to express yourself however you feel. Enjoy having a FAB tattoo designed by YOU.

Please note: you'll receive a bottle of ink, If you require other accessories like needles and/or stencil papers please check our full or basic kits 👍


If you buy more than 2oz you'll get discounted rates at checkout time. For larger volume orders we are sending large bottles. Premium Freehand Ink:

  • 100% real organic fruit based ink
  • Darker and more realistic stain - Looks just like a real tattoo
  • Extra Long Lasting - Can last up to 21 days
  • Best consistency - Draw with ease  
  • Color - Super black/dark blue
  • Waterproof

Your FreeHand Ink includes:

  • 1 X Premium FreeHand Ink Bottle
  • Original™ Premium Freehand Ink formula
  • Handcrafted, natural fruit-based ink product
Comes in 2 sizes:
  1. Small - 0.5oz / 14.75ml 
  2. Large - 1oz / 29.5ml 


Genipa Americana Extract, Non-GMO Xanthan Gum, organic Lavender oil, pure love

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