Easy.ink NEW Real AF™ Semi-Permanent Tattoo package includes:

  • Easy.ink™ NEW Real AF™ Embedding Ink Tattoo - All-natural & fruit based
  • Ink Booster Gel
  • Instructions card
Tattoo Dimensions: 1.93 X 3.72 inches (4.9 X 9.4 cm)

The NEW Easy.ink™ Real AF™ Semi-Permanent Tattoos let you match your ink with your mood. Our fruit-based REAL AF™ embedding ink makes a no-strings fling with beautiful ink simple and pain-free. Easy.ink takes just seconds to apply and lasts up to two weeks.
Our NEW Real AF™ embedding ink won't peel off and it's also waterproof. Easy.ink tattoos are all-natural, fruit-based, with no added chemicals or alcohol.
Easy.ink's temporary tattoos products are made using hypoallergenic, medical grade and FDA approved materials. Now you can finally enjoy having spontaneous tattoo flings with no strings attached.