Zen, Buddha, and Meditation Tattoos for Yogis

October 29, 2018 2 min read

Tattoos have been around for centuries. In ancient cultures, they often played important roles in rituals and other spiritual practices. Nowadays, tattoos exist in all varieties of shape, style, and subject matter. We choose tattoo designs for aesthetic and artistic reasons, and many tattoos have no spiritual or symbolic meaning whatsoever. However, for some individuals, spiritual symbolism remains a key element in their tattoo selection process. This is especially true in the yogi community.


If you’re looking for zen tattoo inspiration, look no farther than your nearest yoga studio. Dedicated yogis are often seen sporting symbolic tattoos that embody various themes and principles of spirituality and meditation. Common tattoos in this community include representations of Buddha, the chakras, Hamsa, mandalas, the moon, and even various yoga poses.


We carry several tattoos in our temporary tattoo collection that embody the above symbols and are thus ideal for yogis. If you want to experiment with spiritual tats without the lifelong commitment, scroll down for some inspiration and to find your perfect zen semi-permanent tattoo.


Buddha tattoo


Our Padmasana tattoo, pictured below, depicts an image of Buddha seated in one of the most recognizable yoga poses. Buddha appears, as per usual, in a deep meditative state. The overlapping circles in the background suggest peace and harmony. In sum, this tranquil temporary tattoo is an obvious choice for yogis and meditation gurus.


Easy.ink's Padmasana Tattoo


Yoga pose tattoo

Our Namaste tattoo is another representation of a classic yoga pose for meditation. This tiny yet eye-catching tattoo features a minimalist line drawing style that is very trendy at the moment. The design embodies peace, tranquility, and the beauty of simplicity.

Easy.ink's Namaste Tattoo


Hamsa tattoo


The Hamsa is a traditional symbol that depicts a hand with an eye in its center. The symbol represents bravery and serves to protect against evil. Furthermore, the Hamsa is said to bring its owner luck, happiness, and health. Given its powerful symbolic meaning, it’s no surprise that the Hamsa is a common tattoo among the spiritual community.

Easy.ink's Protection Tattoo


Mandala tattoo


The mandala is another traditional symbol that represents harmony in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is usually depicted in an abstract circular form that is intended to represent the universe. Mandalas are detailed and symmetrical and make beautiful subjects for spiritual tattoos. Our Harmony tattoo is a classic example of a mandala design.

Easy.ink's Harmony Tattoo



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