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Semi-Permanent Tattoo for National Pizza Day

February 12, 2019

February 9 is a special day for admirers of a certain cheesy, gooey, savory food. That’s right, it’s National Pizza Day! As a staple of the American diet, pizza obviously deserves its own holiday. According toNational Day Calendar, over 3 billion pizzas are sold in the US every year--and that doesn’t include the frozen variety.

What better way to commemorate National Pizza Day, apart from eating pizza of course, than with a tattoo? If you love pizza now, then you will always love pizza. Pizza will never leave or betray you. It will always be cheesy and delicious.

More than just a food, pizza has become a big part of our culture. In New York City, there’s practically a pizza shop on every block. It’s a staple food item of parties, sports events, late college nights, and those days that you just don’t feel like cooking. Pizza is reliable and affordable.

Given its popularity, it’s hardly surprising that pizza is commonly featured in tattoos. In honor of National Pizza Day, we are taking a look at some of our favorite pizza tattoos, including our own temporary tattoo version. Scroll down to check out these unique, fun, and even beautiful tattoos.

This unique tattoo is for serious pizza lovers only. No one will question your love for pizza after seeing this tat.

This set of tattoos is perfect for a couple or pair of best friends. Neither is whole without the other.

We love the fun concept and design of this pizza planet tattoo. Dogs love pizza, too!

Combine two of your favorite things into one with this pizza cat tattoo.

This hilarious tattoo is a reminder of our special relationship with pizza. It will always have our hearts.

This tattoo is proof that there are individuals out there who actually like pineapple pizza. If you’re one of them, you’re going to get a lot of surprised reactions when you wear this tattoo.

This pizza is definitely not for eating. This person seems to have a complicated relationship with pizza. In fact, this is probably not a great choice of tattoo for pizza lovers.

This multidimensional tattoo puts a colorful and original spin on the pizza slice. How would you like the universe and some aliens with your slice?

If you’re still not convinced that pizza would make for a great tattoo, then try a temporary tattoo instead. Our  Pizza AF tattoo, pictured below, is natural, long-lasting, and a perfect accessory for your National Pizza Day pizza party. The semi-permanent tattoo features a medium sized, realistic looking slice with oozing cheese and pepperoni.'s Pizza AF Tattoo

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