Pas de Deux: Our New Ballerina Temporary Tattoo Set

October 17, 2018 2 min read

Ballet and tattoos may sound like art forms belonging to two very separate worlds. After all, ballet is rooted in gracefulness and tradition, whereas tattoos are typically associated with rebellion and toughness. However, we would argue that these two art forms can come together beautifully and overcome their respective stereotypes. It is not altogether uncommon to see tattooed professional ballet dancers, although they are often required to hide any visible tattoos for performances. In a way, these dancers are rebelling against the traditionally conservative and uniform nature of their art in favor of freedom of expression and individuality.




The worlds of ballet and tattoos are also intertwining in the form of ballet inspired tattoo designs. The ballerina’s beautiful lines and elegant poses lend themselves well to tattoo design. Ballerina tattoos are not just for dancers, but are also popular among the multitude of dance fans worldwide. Anyone who has an appreciation for the artform may wish to solidify and share their admiration in the form of a ballet tattoo. As with any type of tattoo, ballet tattoos offer great variety in terms of size, shape, style, and positioning. Plus, they can have the added effect of implying movement in an otherwise static art form.

Our new temporary tattoo set, Pas de Deux, is a great example of how striking and beautiful ballerina tattoos can be. The tiny dancers have the appearance of graceful shadows in motion. Their size and silhouette are ideal for those who favor minimalist and delicate tattoos. The pair may be placed anywhere on the body, but are especially well suited for the ankles and wrists, where they have more freedom of movement.'s Pas De Deux Tattoo



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