5 Temporary Tattoos for Hopeless Romantics

September 28, 2018 2 min read

Something about the Fall evokes feelings of companionship and intimacy. Although Spring is typically considered the season of love, I would argue that Fall can be just as romantic. The cooling temperatures are a perfect excuse to stay in and cozy up to loved ones. Back-to-school season represents a time for new friendships and sometimes relationships. Plus, the anticipation for the holidays and the season of giving is much sweeter when there’s a special someone to share them with. In effect, Fall is the perfect time for hopeless romantics to ponder their romantic notions of life.


So how do you know if you’re a hopeless romantic? If you are one, you probably already know. Hopeless romantics tend to place a high value on passion and intimacy. “Hopeless” refers to their unwavering yearning for love, even in the face of hurt and heartbreak. The term is neither negative or positive, but it can powerfully impact your relationships and outlook on life.


If you want to embrace your romantic side (and why shouldn’t you?), the right tattoo can do so beautifully for you. Somehow, a temporary tattoo is very fitting for this subject--after all, amorous feelings and aspirations can fade over time. We have a few semi-permanent tattoos in our collection that can perfectly accentuate your romantic side. Keep reading to discover, in no particular order, our top 5 tattoo picks for hopeless romantics.




The combination of a skull and flowers effectively marries the two opposing concepts of death and life. Flowers are romantic by nature, and their beauty contrasts effectively with the eery skull. This tattoo can therefore be interpreted to represent everlasting, death-defying love, an ideal subject for hopeless romantics.

Easy.ink's Blossom Tattoo




The name of this tattoo speaks for itself--it’s a no-brainer for hopeless romantics who believe in such concepts as fate and soulmates.

Easy.ink's Soulmate Tattoo



The rose is a universal symbol of love, passion, and romance. Thus, this design is an obvious contender for showcasing your romantic side.

Easy.ink's Scarlet Tattoo


Birds are often associated with romance. The fact that they are flying away in this design conveys a feeling of chasing after or searching for love, a feeling most hopeless romantics can relate to.

Easy.ink's Emancipation Tattoo



Last but not least, a collection of romantic tattoos would not be complete with a heart. This is a simple design that speaks for itself and effortlessly captures the essence of love.

Easy.ink's Cherish Tattoo



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