The Kraken: Our Temporary Octopus Tattoo

November 14, 2018 1 min read

Octopus tattoos are a popular choice of tattoo for both aesthetic and symbolic reasons. Men and women alike have fallen for the animal’s unique charm and characteristics. Octopuses are known to be one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth. They are also rather reclusive and prefer to live in rocks, coral, or burrows. The octopus’ solitary nature and ability to camouflage have also contributed to its popularity as a spirit animal for shy and introverted individuals. With three hearts, nine brains, and eight muscular arms, it is no wonder that these fascinating sea animals have captured our hearts and imagination.


The octopus’ shape allows for endless possibilities in terms of tattoo design. For those drawn to the octopus’ intelligence and reclusiveness, the tattoo could be small, cute, or discreetly placed. Those who admire its strength and flexibility may prefer a larger and more detailed tattoo design. Often octopus tattoos incorporate other sea elements, such as anchors, ships, and compasses, such as in the example below. These tattoos lean into the fantastical elements of these amazing creatures and play homage to the famous legend of the Kraken.

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