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16 Adorable Tattoos That Will Make You Smile

January 05, 2019

The words “adorable” and “tattoo” are not often found in the same sentence. Traditionally, in our Western culture, tattoos have been associated with rebels, outsiders, and biker gangs. And these tattoos are anything but adorable.


In recent times, tattoos have extended beyond their subculture roots and become more mainstream. That means we are starting to see greater diversity in the style and substance of tattoos. In turn, tattoos have lost some of the stereotypical qualities we’ve associated them with.


Getting a tattoo will no longer automatically label you a “tough guy” or societal rebel, although many individuals and employers may still discriminate against you. Yet, different tattoos warrant different reactions. Some tats have strayed so far from their rebellious past that you can’t help but smile when you see them.


Enter: the adorable tattoo. This style of tattoo proves that truly any type of person can enjoy and benefit from getting inked. If your prerogative is to spread positivity and light, a joyful tattoo would be a great fit for you. And if the thought of getting permanently inked doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of temporary tattoos that can produce the same effect.


As with any style of tattoo, there are many ways to experiment with adorable ink designs. Popular themes include baby animals, cartoons, smiley faces, hearts, plants, and the sun. These tattoos tend lean towards small and simple design.


Below are 16 examples of adorable tattoos that are guaranteed to make you smile. A few of these designs are available in our temporary tattoo shop and are perfect for those who want to experiment with the look without long-term commitment. Our semi-permanent tattoos are completely safe and natural, and better yet require minimal, if any, pain to apply. Scroll down to get inspired!




Source:'s Scarry Claws Tattoo


Source:'s Air Amour Tattoo


Source:'s Pleasure Tattoo


Source:'s Mammoth Tattoo


Source:'s Sunshine Tattoo