15 Awesome and Inspiring Geometric Tattoos

October 01, 2018 2 min read

Geometric tattoos are a popular and widely appealing style of tattoo. They are extremely versatile when it comes to shape, size, and amount of detail. The geometric style inherently lends itself to creative and innovative design. Some geometric tattoos are completely abstract, whereas others imitate common or natural objects and things. For instance, geometric animal tattoos have grown in popularity in recent years.


A defining feature of the geometric tattoo is the use of bold lines that intersect and connect at sharp angles. Many geometric tattoo designs are symmetrical, however the more abstract designs tend not to be. Some designs feature circular shapes and curves, which give the tattoo a softer effect. The most minimalist geometric tattoos consistent of a single shape. Fans of more intricate design may prefer to layer multiple shapes of different sizes to create a more complex overall effect.


Geometric tattoo designs are also meaningful to some people. Each shape carries its own symbolic significance, which allows you to form a personal connection with the tattoo. This is especially valuable if you decide to get a permanent tattoo that will be a part of you for life. The triangle is a particularly popular choice of shape for a tattoo. Some powerful meanings that are attributed to triangles include stability (or instability if upside down) and direction. Squares are considered reliable and orderly, whereas circles represent harmony and infinite movement.


Our shop contains a variety of geometric temporary tattoos, ranging from simple to complex. We’ve included some of our own favorite designs below, along with an assortment of amazing geometric tattoo designs to inspire your next tattoo. If you’re hesitant about committing to a particular design at this time, trying a semi-permanent version of the design is a great alternative. Scroll down to get inspired by some awesome geometric tattoos


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Easy.ink's Predator Tattoo


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Easy.ink's Solidarity Tattoo


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Easy.ink's Riddle Tattoo



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