15 Beautiful Horse Tattoos and their Meaning

December 12, 2018 2 min read

Horses have played an important role in human history for centuries. Before cars and trains, we relied on them heavily for transportation. The term horsepower is still used today as a unit of power and dates back to our reliance on the strength of horses. However, mankind’s relationship with horses extends beyond utilitarianism. Horses are intelligent and social animals, capable of forming emotional bonds with humans. These qualities are readily apparent to anyone who spends time with them.

Horse tattoos are a popular choice of tattoo for those who value freedom, independence, and power. Although the majority of the horses we encounter in our day-to-day lives are docile, horses remain an enduring symbol of the free spirit. Their beauty and elegance imbues them with a majestic quality that is unmatched among other animals we frequently encounter. Although many of us will never ride a horse in our lifetime, we see them all around us in artworks, movies, television, advertising, and so on. Plus, equestrian events and horseback riding remain popular hobbies and source of entertainment.




If horses are your favorite animal, or your spirit animal, consider getting a horse tattoo. Horses are beautiful animals that make an excellent subject for a tattoo. In addition, many of us can relate to the meaningful qualities they symbolize. Horse tattoos come in all varieties of style and size. Below are 15 incredible tattoo designs that show off the beauty and elegance of horses. As you’ll see, they can appeal to minimalists and maximalists alike.


If you’re not interested in or ready for a permanent tattoo, we have a couple temporary tattoos inour shop that feature horses. Our realistic semi-permanent tattoos last up to two weeks. Scroll down to get inspired for your new equine tattoo!

Easy.ink's Princess Tattoo

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