🆕🔥Freehand Ink Starter Kit


This is our NEW Starter Bottles 😍 Specially designed for first-timers who like to get the hang of it before getting our full kits. Our Bitty Bottles are easy to hold and draw and has just what you need to make your first semi-permanent tattoos!

Semi-permanent tattoo ink, super dark and super realistic. Use our Easy.ink Premium freehand ink formula to express yourself however you feel. Enjoy having a FAB tattoo designed by YOU. Watch our videos and instructions to see how easy it's done and start making your own tattoos. You are not limited in any way, if you can sketch it, you can now tattoo it.

Check our demo video here on how to use it. 

Easy.ink Premium Freehand Ink:

  • 100% real organic fruit based ink
  • Darker and more realistic stain - Looks just like a real tattoo
  • Extra Long Lasting - Can last up to 21 days
  • Best consistency - Draw with ease  
  • Color - Super black/dark blue
  • Waterproof

Your Easy.ink FreeHand Ink Basic Kit includes:

  • 1 X Easy.ink Premium FreeHand Ink Bitty Bottle
  • 1 X Plastic and Metal tip (needle) to draw your tattoos
  • Original Easy.ink™ Premium Freehand Ink formula
  • Handcrafted, natural fruit-based ink product
0.15oz / 4.43ml 


Genipa Americana Extract, Non-GMO Xanthan Gum, organic Lavender oil, pure love

Read instructions, tips, and tricks here



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